Global Vibes - dorombfesztivál, Kecskemét

The biggest Jew's harp event in Hungary!
Global Vibes is a multicultural, multifaceted event that brings together different music and art styles, interesting people playing weird musical instruments for a humble day at the end of the year. The link between the performances and its people is one of the most ancient instruments, the Jew's harp and the friendship derived from it. Many players, raypainted walls of the old synagogue, ancient instruments in modern electronic music, traditional dances and crazy experimental concerts with wonderful visuals. This is all Global Vibes.

A Jew's harp themed extravagant party in an old ex-synagogue in Kecskemét in the middle of Hungary, just 40 mins from Budapest.


Venue: TEKA (ex-synagogue) 6000 Kecskemét, Rákóczi út 2. Hungary Doors open: 18:30


Mirko Muni (IT)

Experimental Jew1s harp music from the Italian player.


Béla Sevecsek

The Kecskemét based hand-pan maker plays in many different projects, mainly relax, meditative music. This time he is playing solo. Website


The Brumlista (CZ)

Petr Jasincuk a.k.a. Brumlista is the hub of the Czech Jew's harp scene. He organizes workshops and other activities in the Prague region. Powerful, technical beats will be played. Website


Trolíla (CZ)

Michaela "Seby" Sebetovska brings you her mystical world. The talented Jew's harp lady is accompanied by the multi-instrumentalist Dzugo to drive you into their magical forest.



Ancient Hungarian tradition at winter solstice and Christmas presented by Jew's harp players from Sout-East Hungary. YouTube



A surreal, entertaining mind-twister flash by the Frech kite, phone-card Jew's harp maker extravaganza. Website


Cloud Jam (UA)

Cloud Jam combines elements of modern musical genres with Ukrainian folk basis using contemporary instruments as well as exotic instruments from all over the world. Drum'n'bass, dub, psy, ethno-trance, meditative covered by strong and tenderly bright vocal - surely, you'll love it! Website


Szilágyi Áron: Organic Doromb

When you'll quit the system, beacause music takes you apart and works you on cell-level. Áron Szilágyi's new solo project with guest musicians.



Industrial shaman-trance with crazy construction with hanging oxygen tanks, train suspension springs and many more. Shocking freaky show with Jew's harp. Safety helmet recommended! Gotta watch this!


Korai Trancemission

Psychedelic tribal-ethno band from the members of the legendary Korai Öröm. Fuyara, doromb, khöömei and tribal beats flies you into other universes. Ozora Mainstage concert

Program is subject to change.

Global Vibes - dorombfesztivál, Kecskemét

Global Vibes is not only about great music, fantastic concerts, dance and party. We have created a whole day conference program for those who are interested in the background of this ancient but yet funky little instrument, the Jew's harp. There will be 8 conference sessions that are either presentations, concerts or conversations. In some cases the mix of these forms. Besides the talks there will be two workshops too, that are combination of workshop and presentation. The talks will be summerized in English too. (No time for full length interpretations - sorry.) The conference is a great networking possibility, meet up with your friends, make new ones. (It is more quiet and sober than during the evening concerts of Global Vibes.)


Jew's harp in Hungarian folk music and in ancient traditions

Venue: Leskowsky Musical Instrument Collection
Hírös Tourism Centre theatre hall, 6000 Kecskemét, Rákóczi út 15. Hungary
Doors open: 09:30




József Birinyi :

History of Jew's harp in Hungary

József Birinyi is a folk musician, ethnomusicologist, musical instrument maker, film maker. He worked for the Hungarian Parliament, the Ethnography Museum in Budapest, is the author of numerous books on musical instruments, has played a main role in populizing traditional music in Hungary, created TV-series on the topic. Birinyi has a collection of 850 instruments. More info


Dr. Tibor Páli (Hungarian Academy of Science):

Physics of the Jew's harp and other overtone instruments

Professor Páli is biophysical scientist at the Szeged Biology Centre. Works for the Biophysical Institute, too. Besides his scientific work, he is a great Jew's harp player and gives edutainment presentations all over the country. Páli has performed at Global Vibes with his bands several times.


Rustam Nurov (UA):

Jew's harp music in Ukraine - presentation and concert

The Kyev based musician is the leader of the world-music band, Cloud Jam. They incorporate traditional melodies and Jew's harp music in their cross-over music. He regurarly performs at international world-music festivals. More info


István Zsirmik:

Jew's harp amongst the Finno-ugric people

Zsirmik has deeply studied the traditions of hanti, mansi and udmurt people. He is the founder of the band Yenisei

- - - - 11:50-13:00

lunchbreak - - - -

Perfect occasion to meet your friends, find new CD's, musical instruments in the lobby of the theatre.


Pavel Istok (Cleje, RO):

The last archaic players of Moldva - concert and conversation

Talking about Hungarian speaking region Jew's harp is traditional only amongst the Csángó people of Moldva, Romania. They are a small Hungarian speaking community quite isolated from the rest of the Hungarians. Therefore their music, their instruments and their language have remained pretty archaic and/or mixed with other influences. But the Moldvai Csángó music and dances are surely odd. Pável Istók is probably the last Jew's harp player in Moldva who learnt the instrument from his father and grandfather. He is not only a great player but plays an active role in the organisation of Csango cultural activities. More info


Alexander Horsch and his band

Path of ancient instruments - concert

The German origin Horsch settled in Hungary in 1985. He has travelled the road of ancient Hungarian tribes from far side of Mongolia through Russia, Kazakhstan, Usbegistan, Kaukasia, Transylvania. Has studied the paralellities of traditional melodies of these people. Recently his attention turned to stone age instruments. Plays more than 30 musical instruments, many of them are self-made. Has attended several Jew's harp festivals in Hungary and abroad. More info


Zoltán Szilágyi:

The revival of Jew's harp making in Hungary

Zoltán Szilágyi started to make Jew's harps in 1978. 100 years after the last Jew's harp maker in Hungary. Today he is one of the most acknowledged makers in the world, his instruments can be found in musical instrument shops all over the planet. He still works alone on his handmade instruments, with the same self-made tool like 40 years ago. He has retracted from public appearing, so this is a special occasion. More info

- - - - 15:30-16:00

break - - - -

Perfect occasion to meet your friends, find new CD's, musical instruments in the lobby of the theatre.



Miklós Paizs: overtone singing (khöömei)

He is the most known and acknowledged overtone singers in Hungary. He studied khöömei in Tuva. Besides khöömei, Paizs is also a great Jew's harp player, created a well known hip-hop band with strong, critising lyrics, plays overtone instruments in a tribal psy-trance band.


Áron Szilágyi: Jew's harp, almost beginner

The son of Zoltan Szilagyi Jew's harp maker, lernt the instrument at age of 3, tours worldwide since 1997, founder of bands Navrang, Airtist, Zoord, board member of International Jew's Harp Society, organizer of Global Vibes, world-music festivals, director of Musical Instrument Museum. Weboldal

Program is subject to change.

  • information

    CONFERENCE venue: Leskowsky Hangszergyűjtemény, 6000 Kecskemét, Rákóczi út 15. Hungary

    Conference ticket pre-sale: 1000 Ft TIXA.HU

    Conference ticket at the door: 1200 Ft

    CONCERT venue: TEKA (ex-synagogue), 6000 Kecskemét, Rákóczi út 2. Hungary

    Concert ticket pre-sale: 1500 Ft TIXA.HU

    Concert ticket at the door: 1800 Ft
    /All the concerts together./

kecskemétWhy Kecskemét? Why is it cool?

Zoltán Szilágyi's Jew's harp workshop is in Kecskemét, where to Jew's harp fanatics have been making their pilgrimage for over fourty years now. As a consequence of that, Kecskemét has become one of the Jew's harp centres in the world in the recent decades.
Furthermore, the only Musical Instrument Museum in Hungary, the Leskowsky Musical Instrument Collection is also based in the city. The internationally acknowledged music institute, the Kodály Institute, the hubs of creative artistic people, the Ciróka Puppet Theatre, and Kecskemét Animation Film Studios and numerous creative guilts and high art institutes are based in Kecskemét. So it is not unusual to have a special event in the city.

Anyways, Kecskemét is a really cool place to visit, not only because of Global Vibes. If you want to relax in a wonderful thermal pool, just visit our brand new swimming pool offering plenty ways of spoiling yourself. If you want to walk in the nature, Kecskemét has a big botanical garden or you can even go for a horseride at any of the horse-farms in and around Kecskemet. We also have a really cool (he-he) ice-rink on the main square, but we also have a really nice, new big, olympic size ice-rink just a bit outside the centre. If you prefer something really interesting, cool and real-life thing, than visit Hungary's biggest flea-market Sunday morning. It's a place where you can meet the vertical cross-section of our society.

Kecskemét is only 40-50 mins by car and 1 hour by train from Budapest. Trains run every hour to the capital. site has a lot to offer for you

ACCOMMODATION: Most of the international performers of Global Vibes are staying at the Uno Hotel, so if you are up for a spontaneous jam over the breakfast table, then book your room there. But there are plenty of places to stay in the city. Here are the ones that are within 10 mins walk from the venue and the pricetag is not too high.

These are really close to the venues:

Pálma Hotel** | Fábián Panzió*** | Talizmán Hotel***
Aranyhomok Szálloda**** | Hotel Három Gúnár****

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